The Shaker 'French Martini' Cocktail Sour

The Shaker 'French Martini' Cocktail Sour

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ABV 6.5%
Adjuncts Pineapple, Raspberry + Lime
Malt Ale, Wheat

The Shaker French Martini Sour - Pre Order, Dispatch from 8th April

One part sweetness and two parts tart, 

“The Shaker” as he’s known, has mastered his art.

While secrets spill over the bar, his pours remain precise. 

Potent potions measured impeccably, shaken violently over ice.

Puckering pineapple, ripe raspberry and a lick of lime

strained, garnished and served neat in next to no time.

When his cocktail tins are out, be wary of taking a dunch

as this is Pours Service with a little extra punch.